Miners monitor a lot

Maybe you have also noticed that to comply with regulations, monitor real-time parameters, or simply maintain production within target, the miner uses a lot of equipment and sensors, generating data sometimes at a significant fraction-of-a-second scale. Seeing important results and deliveries achieved by leveraging the maximum potential of this data that is already being generated is what motivated us to develop GAIA. After more than a decade of gathering reliable databases, developing robust algorithms, and well-trained models, we can finally share our results with the mining industry.

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The British Government in Brazil supported a partnership between Beyond Mining and Imperial College London (ICL), considered one of the top ten universities in the world
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AngloGold uses AI to automate rock fragmentation and increase safety in Minas Gerais
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Applied multivariate statistics in vibration control

Applied multivariate analisys for FeO prediction

Predictive models in the sintering process

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