No operational stops.

No fines.

No explosive waste.

No excessive vibrations.

No complaints.

Optimizing blasting designs while reducing excessive vibration.

Our results

Compliance with the law

Noticeable decrease of operational stops

100% decrease of the excessive vibrations

Buildings and structures protection

15 minutes to optimize your blasting design

Who believes in Beyond Mining

"The greatest challenge was to transform something so complex into a simple solution - and Beyond Mining understood this from the beginning."

"The AI-developed model can predict the process instantly and allows us to plan projects better without needing to wait for the chemical lab results."

"The blasting design is an extremely critical item within mining. The project executed with Beyond Mining has yielded very significant results to further improve safety in the mine environment, especially in handling explosives."

"GAIA demonstrated statistical reliability and brings as its main differential the dynamism and simplicity of its application."

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No, it's not like the other artificial intelligences

At GAIA (Geoscience Artificial Intelligence Algorithms), the processes and phenomena along the mining value chain are the foundation of our models. They were developed with hands-on mining experience and a strong desire to continually evolve the mining industry.

We are also familiar with those softwares that end up forgotten

Whether due to a very complex interface or a long learning curve, achieving results becomes tiring. We've also encountered these tools throughout our journey as miners. That’s why we are bringing to GAIA, especially in the user journey, exactly the opposite experience. We promise care, attention, and constant improvement to cognitive load of miners.

A platform built to support and not replace

GAIA needs those on the front line of operation to input data, evaluate results and make decisions.

Automated reports


Interactive and dynamic map

Immediate analysis and results

No coding

Simple and intuitive interface

No tiring trainings

Simplified digitalization of the process


No hardware

GAIA's modules


Modeling and controlling the propagation of ground vibrations induced by rock blasting with explosives. By simply and intuitively inputting the blast plan data and rock mass properties, we achieve a predictive model for the intensity and occurrence of vibrations, delivering a dynamic georeferenced vibration map, a digital database with a history of detonations, and automated reports ready for PDF export.

Our team

Bianca Nakandakari


Gustavo Vieira

Cristiano Oliveira

Luciano Dolenc

Sandro Guerra

Advisory board member

Advisory board member

Advisory board member

Advisory board member

Paulo Lopes



What is GAIA? Why does it have modules?
GAIA is a multiplatform that integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques to help solve specific mining and plant operation problems. We divide it into modules to address these challenges in a pragmatic and organized manner, starting with GAIA | vibrations.
Does the demo take a long time?

No, GAIA is simple and didactic. In 30 minutes, we make the presentation and teach you how to use it.

How can I contact GAIA's support?

Get in touch through

What will you do with my data? And who has access to it?

The entered data and possible scenarios will be available exclusively in the database associated only with your user account, meaning that neither we nor anyone else will have access to them, only you.

Are there other modules?

Yes. The next launches are GAIA | fragmentation, GAIA | slope stability, GAIA | ore blending and GAIA | rock mass classification.

What is the difference bettween using
GAIA | vibrations and monitoring vibrations?

Traditional seismic monitoring serves to measure the vibrations of a blast that has already occurred. GAIA | vibrations predicts the vibration level before the blast even occurs or is planned. The platform allows testing a defined blasting design and also evaluating possibilities and scenarios.

Why hiring GAIA?

GAIA was designed to simplify tasks and avoid problems that normally take up a lot of operation time. It digitizes and standardizes processes, delivering immediate and effective results. Having a routine increasingly oriented towards prevention rather than correction will become part of your daily life.

What is the difference between GAIA and tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Gemini?

Tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Midjourney, very popular nowadays, are generative AI systems. They generate a likely but not unique response based on their training data and the prompt given by the user. The same command will produce different responses each time it is used. GAIA | vibrations, on the other hand, is composed of algorithms designed to model the process, identify patterns and predict outcomes objectively within a margin of error. It follows an engineering process-oriented approach with a finite scope, meaning the same input parameters will yield the same result.